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I'm Trey Briggs and I'm a writer, site designer, and overall character and story creator.

My specialties are paranormal horror, transgressive, and speculative fiction. I prefer heavy bouts of dialogue and inner monologues and other types of introspective dawdling. It’s better than it sounds, I think, and I try my best to tell a story the characters could be proud of, die in, live through, and overcome if they make it that far.

All my time is spare time, and I delve into worlds and characters with reckless abandon. That means full story sites, long serials, social media snippets, world maps, 3D rooms, audio and video side things, and more. You will always find written stories here. You can also find a bunch of everything else that I’m interested in at the moment.



Paranormal Romance || Paranormal Horror ||


POTENTIAL CONTENT WARNING: Violence || Intense Themes || Sexual Content

3D Practice

I like trying things out that might make my worlds more expansive. My current obsession is 3D art, and you can find my successes (and failures) here.

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