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Aite and Jude

A ‘boy’. A…’girl’? And two super long bangs.

Jude has been alone and confused much of his life. He lives at home with his violently killed and then reassembled and possessed mother and his consistently hungry and always eating ‘father’. His daily life so far has been going to school, scaring all the kids (and now young adults), and coming home to vague instructions from his parents. He has no idea what he is or why the hole in his face, tucked neatly under his extremely long blue bangs, sometimes delivers unexpected things.

Enter Aite, a creature that is exactly like Jude except worse. Aite seems to have a purpose, to have a great grip on vicious rage, and to be completely disgusted by the existence of her counterpart. With the makings of the same species as Jude, at the very least, a single question haunts the blue freak about the new object of his affection:




Aite lives with a man who won’t stop smoking. She deals with the irritating fact that humans can tell that there’s something a little…off about her. She is on wanted lists across the country and has yet to even BEGIN her mission.

It’s a stressful life.

Wherever she’s from, Aite is now a college-aged young adult with a desire to be left to her studying. When she’s not hidden inside the transforming and dangerous house of the smoking man, Aite is doing her best to avoid the blue-haired freak that won’t leave her alone.


Jude wasn’t always Jude. At least, he doesn’t think so.

There was a family once. Maybe there was a boy that was killed in a car crash. Maybe, and this isn’t confirmed, the being that Jude really is snatched the body of that boy and has been living as a semi-human ever since. He has no idea.

Jude wants nothing more than to know what he is. Where he came from. And he has the feeling whatever drives his insane thoughts has answers hidden behind Aite’s red bang.