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Astrid The Devil

Astor Snow is Uneasy.

Astor has a genetic condition called Devil Syndrome. It means she doesn’t get hungry, can’t feel certain kinds of pain, and most likely will never die. But it also means she can’t cry, and crying is something Astor needs more than anything right now.

Her condition has killed or estranged everyone she’s ever loved and is now draining the life from one of her closest friends. Worse, one of her children may have inherited Devil Syndrome and it may be turning into something even more terrible.

This is a story of generational doom, vengeance, and sorrow. It’s a story about the ocean, about the dark recesses of our mind and planet that seem swathed in a mystery that can’t be solved. Above all, it’s a story about two families plagued by what they don’t know and forced to deal with the consequences.


Written by Trey Briggs || Art by Monté Miller

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