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Bunni Lives

We all know how this story starts.

Bunni is obsessed with destruction and death. She comes from the healthiest Horned family in her country. She’s from the oldest, purest bloodline in the world. And she’s bored with it.

Bunni spends most of her time trying to escape her duties as a pureblood. She wants things dirty, messy, foul, inconsistent. Having parents that are willing to kill to keep their bloodline pure is annoying. Knowing that she’ll live a long, full life, produce more perfect children, and die unscathed is agonizing.

Bunni wants something to mourn.

Bosque Dies

We all know how this story ends.

Bosque is destined to die an agonizing death, alone on his family’s land. He’s watched everyone he loved and grew up with perish. Sometimes it was because of their disease. Sometimes it was because of the malice and hatred of others.

While he’s absolutely withdrawn and satisfied with his life, Bosque has never had a chance to live it. He spends his days basking in the sun, bathing in wood baths, and contemplating the end.

Bosque isn’t interested in joining the rest of the world. He’d rather die out, alone, where his family belonged.

Bosque wants to go peacefully.

But maybe something will change…