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Welcome to the Online Home of Trey Briggs (the writer)

This site is slightly under construction.

All I do is write. I use this skill to come up with characters that people seem to like, write stories that go on for decades, and keep myself from sinking into the ground. It’s fun!

Please feel free to browse my site and find all those word things, breathtaking character art (by artists the likes of Freemechanism, Kokab Zohoori-Dossa, and Victor Costa), and get to know me in a non-annoying way. There are serials here that are (or will be) updated frequently, lots of bursts of character creations and designs, and all sorts of random brain spilling that you might enjoy. 

Above all else, have a good time. Read some stuff.

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Published Stories

My most recent Medium publications, including stuff published in actual publications and stuff I just publish to my profile like a lonely loser.

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Want to hear something odd? I have more characters than I have full stories. Coming up with characters is just a thing I like to do in almost any and all situations. If I like them enough, which I usually do, I sit down and craft beautiful stories around them.


This section goes over all of my characters that have been drawn, for now. I plan on getting it bulked out with the other characters (aside from my babies that I don’t want to divulge just yet). This could take a while.


My longer stories that are released monthly or bi-monthly.

Short stories are actually a bit harder for me to write in a way I deem satisfactory. My initial goal was to be a novelist. So I write these long, drawn-out books that hit 140,000, 160,000, 200,000 words. It only made sense to stop writing books the size of buildings and to start breaking them up as serials.

The stories in this section, once launched, will be released regularly. Depending on the story that could mean once a month, twice a month, or even as frequently as once a week. I hope you’ll always have a story to read on my site. Right up until my head disintegrates from too much writing.

Hey, It's Me! Industries

The page that this button leads to goes on and on about nothing. That ‘nothing’ is slightly related to who I am and what I do, but only slightly. It’s jibberish otherwise.

I’m definitely not a dude, though.