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Kill The Middleman

Reshaye Newton never complains.

When her father is killing her sister, she doesn’t complain. When her mother is zoning out with pills and alcohol, she doesn’t complain. When her step father is being…terrible. She never complains.

Reshaye has built a wall around herself that even the tallest person with the best intentions couldn’t climb. And it protects her in this monstrous world. But walls are not enough to contain some types of grief. Walls are not enough to protect from every type of horror.

Fortunately for Reshaye, she doesn’t need to look for protection. It comes to her in the form of a being named Gold. And Gold is willing to destroy everything in this world to protect little Reshaye.

After all…someone has to complain for her.


Written by Trey Briggs || Art by Victor Costa.





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