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One Thing – Kill The Middleman

One thing leads to another.

And then I’m waking up with my hands covered in dry, old blood. I feel skin around my mouth and maybe, today, it’s not mine.

One thing leads to another and I’m opening my eyes in the middle of the street and angry people are screaming at me. Guns are pointed at me. There are men with rifles and angry women with knives and I have no idea where I am or what I’ve done. Who I’ve done it to.

One thing leads to another and I’m staring into a broken mirror, eyes bloodshot, teeth broken and dripping with spit and blood and pain oozing from my throat but…but…I don’t feel any of it. It’s just another thing. It’s always just another thing.

And she’s always there, amused. Watching me go from one place to another, knowing where I’ve been. Engulfing my rapidly changing emotions like a fuel, like a source.


One thing leads to another and maybe enough, just maybe, I’ll figure out if she’s real or not.