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What do I look like?

Seriously. I haven’t taken a real photo in years. Camera phones make it hard to really commit to going out and buy an expensive camera and fix the aperture and shutter speeds to my liking and just click and clack away. I miss it in an odd way, but I haven’t really put any thought into putting the money aside.

I know my weight (a whopping but unreliable 240 – it’s all belly, dude). I know my skin and my growing hair and my slim waist. I know my gut, my big feet, my pretty teeth that are slowly becoming not so pretty (oh, the horrors). But I don’t really know what I look like from any position other than where my bad eyes can see.

Oh man, my bad ass eyes.

So I finally got them checked and I have¬†Anisometropia:¬†one eye near-sighted, one eye far-sighted. It makes a lot of sense. I haven’t been able to make real eye contact in a long time, not without feeling my vision blur. I have to blur my own eyes a lot to keep them from hurting. I try to do that one thing Mrs. Llenin (my fourth grade teacher) taught me – look at a tiny point in the distance and focus. She claimed it helped eye health. Sounds like bullshit now.


Here I am, terrible eyes, unbothered reflection. When am I going to see ME again? When will I start taking photos of the world as I see it again, walking around and stealing glances and taking those things with me forever. When?

Soon, I’m sure.