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Karrot’s Room

Karrot’s Room

This was one of my first 3D projects without the use of a tutorial, and I’m extremely proud of it. I spent a long time on the smaller details. This might have spoiled me a bit, I guess. There wasn’t much that I got stuck on except the big gun, so I ended up just buying a premade model for that. I plan on coming back to this and trying the gun again in a few months.


The story I made behind this was based around an architect student who moonlights as an assassin. Pretty basic stuff, but good enough for this simple room. I had a lot of fun trying to tell that story through the design.


The poster on the wall is art that Kokab Zohoori-Dossa let me use and was not made for this project. You can find more of her work here:


These 3D rooms are proving to be the best route for me in terms of maintaining enthusiasm while learning 3D art and animation. So … more will come. Hope you like it! If you don’t, too bad! I love it! *weeps