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Time and Time Again

I like writing stories that go on forever and ever. They keep me company through a dreary life. Below you'll find my longer stories - serial stories that will eventually be compiled into books. These stories typically have their own sites for their releases but you can find the short stories here.

Astrid The Devil

Astor is drowning in place. No worries, though. She's not the only one. Join Astor as she uncovers generations worth of dread, powerful enemies, and a blood type like no other. Written by Trey Briggs with art by Monté Miller.


When your species is dying from a debilitating disease, how do you get around politics to find a cure? Or do you? The Horns of Notion are more interested in appearances than saving their own people. Junnie Gorton stumbles across something that might force their hand, and an avalanche of history, bad blood, and viciousness ensues. Find more Vicious here or on the linked page (short story and serial coming soon).

Kill The Middleman

Reshaye doesn't complain. She tries to navigate her life without bringing too much attention to herself. Unfortunately, her path leads her to abuse, heartache, and neglect. Fortunately, a pretty pissed off ghost decides to completely obliterate that path and everyone on it.

The Circuit

The children of traitors and monsters have to go somewhere. In The Circuit, they are held in squalor and used as training for the military academy across the island. Isolated in the middle of a snowy, ration-fueled territory, the two sides grow increasingly tired of their fates.

More Later.