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Still Beautiful, Still Growing

Going on and on

This is new. I’m in a beautiful mood, in a gorgeous state of mind. The PMDD has subsided for the month. My bank account is at a steady ZERO but I get paid tomorrow, then again on Monday. After bills I’ll have a little left for myself and my family and we’ll relax, like we do.

We always relax.

If there’s one thing I’m definitely giving to my kids it’s the love of relaxation. Of video games and creativity. The love of hearing narrators, watching people tick, and avoiding too much exercise. They exist in their rooms, with my classic love of solitude, watching what they watch. While I watch what I watch.

House of Cards (season 2) tonight.

It’s interesting to think about my life. I’ve always been a watcher. For a while, I was a walker. I loved walking and experiencing the world from various point of views, but I rarely thought about escape unless I was depressed.

Same, honestly.

I think, sometimes, that I will never get that nomad bug. I like being still. Sometimes I want to go to another place and be still, but it’s usually in the interest of finding somewhere that will hold me for life. I am less Samurai Champloo, more Me-teru No Kimochi. I like the idea of being inside a beautiful home, deep in the woods and hard to access, and living out my years.

It’s my dream, now. Write. Love. Sink into reclusiveness.

But, eh. I only have six minutes left in this 2nd episode of House of Cards and then I think I’ll move on to manga.

One thing about us Briggs’…

We relax.