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Trey, I Guess

Trey Briggs

Writer of the Things

Somewhere, somehow, there’s a good picture of me. I don’t know where it is but I’m sure it exists.

I’m Trey and I do the word thing. In fact, I do the word thing so much that it pays my bills (doesn’t clear my skin or line my pockets with gold but it’s getting there). I conduct my life as an actual weird person. If we’re going for honesty here, I’m probably right in the middle of that creepy weird you don’t feel like dealing with and that charming weird that makes television shows worth watching. I’m a recluse who watches a lot of violent and aggressive movies and I don’t smoke.

I’ll hit that wine pretty hard, though.

Personality-wise, I’m blunt but absolutely tactful. I write for a living, write for fun, write for communication and probably could use writing as some sort of breathing apparatus. And yet…grammar kicks my ass with every sentence I construct.

There’s not really much else to me, friends. I publish stories that some people like on Medium every now and then, I work on serialized stories that make my face do the smile thing, and I complain. Ohhh, boy, do I complain. I have two sons – a gorgeous pile of autistic wonder and a skeptical artist who scoffs at my stories. The good life is in here somewhere.

Oh! And I talk. Endlessly. I will talk you and your entire family into the ground, so don’t start a conversation with me unless you’re prepared for that.

Enough about all of this though. Go read one of my stories or check out what I’m whining about today on my blog.


And all that jazz.




Trey Briggs