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Somewhere, a war is brewing.

That’s the only thing that’s for sure to Junnie Gorton, a young horned girl suffering from a debilitating disease called Horn Rot. She typically dealt with her low survival rate and abnormally large horns by escaping the world with her best friend, Lewish. Now she’s forced to figure out which side is which, save her entire species, and find out the truth behind the sudden uprising in her home.

Horn Rot, a highly contagious and violent disease spreading through horned people, is causing mass amounts of madness and death. Normal horns grow in ways that will pierce, suffocate, and maim their owners and the only one who can stop it is Junnie’s mother, Lyria. As Lyria falls deeper and deeper into an anti-social revolt, the country reels. While Junnie broods, her entire species must prepare for a mass extinction. Her brother plots with a group of people with less than good intentions, and Lewish is quieter than usual.

In a civilization brought up on extreme violence and competition, Junnie and Lewish try their best not to get swallowed by their culture, their lives, or their horns.


Written by Trey Briggs || Art by Kokab Zohoori-Dossa

Character Intro Snippets

There are days that change everything.

Get familiar with the conflict, the sides, and the world of Vicious. Each of these snippets takes place on the last day of debates about what to do with the sick Horns in Notion.


Vicious Snippet One: Yoan

Vicious Snippet Two: Lyria

Vicious Snippet Three: Aba

Vicious Snippet Four: Jewel

Vicious Snippet Five: Old Bro

Vicious Snippet Six: Lewish